Brush 195
2019 Ford F-450
Brush 195 is a pickup truck equipped with a Hale 250 gallon per minute pump and 200-gallon water tank. Other equipment includes forestry rakes and hoses, winch, and a chain saw. Brush 195 serves our community as a wildland fire suppression unit.
Tanker 194
2016 Kenworth/ Midwest Fire
Kenworth T800 Chassis
NFPA Compliant, 4000 Gallon POLYPROPYLENE Tank.
Hale QFLO Plus 125-23L 1250GPM Pump
Side Control Pump Configuration

-(2) Side & (1) Rear Stainless Steel Newton 10-Inch Square Electric Dump Valves with 18-Inch Telescoping Chutes
-ZICO Electric Portable Tank Carrier and 4,000 Gallon Portable Tank
-Elkhart Vulcan Deck Gun & Triple Stack Deluge Tips
-Full Width and Length Hose Bed, Pre-connected Hose Crosslays, Adjustable 3/4-Inch Polypropylene Dividers, and Hose Covers
-Hose Reel w/ 200-Feet of 1-Inch Hose
-On Spot Tire Chains
Engine 191
2009 HME 1871-Spectr
191 is one of the two engine companies that are rotated as the front-line apparatus serve the district. The engine is designed so that up to 6 certified personnel can respond to an incident on this apparatus. It is equipped with many of the tools needed for fire suppression, rescue, extrication, forcible entry, and medical emergencies.

500 HP Cummins Diesel Engine
1750 Gallon Per Minute Hale Q-Max Fire Pump
1000 Gallon Water Tank
FoamLogix Foam System
20 Gallon On-Board Foam Tank
10KW Hydraulic Generator
Utility 199
2004 Ford F-350
199 is a pickup truck with a camper shell and slide-out bed tray for storage. The apparatus is our primary quick response medical vehicle, so it is equipped with medical equipment and light forcible entry tools.
Engine 193
1999 American LaFrance Eagle
193 is one of the two engine companies that are rotated as the front-line apparatus serve the district. Engine 193 is designed so that up to 8 certified personnel can respond to an incident on this apparatus. It is equipped with many of the tools needed for fire suppression, rescue, forcible entry, and medical emergencies.

1500 Gallon Per Minute ALF Pump
1000 Gallon Water Tank
In-Line Foam Eductor
On-Board Gas Generator
Special Operations 198
1999 Ford F-350
198's main service to the community is Medical Emergencies. 198 is equipped with Basic Medical Supplies, Oxygen, Automated External Defibrillator, and various other medical supplies.
Rescue 19
1994 Freightliner FL 70
Rescue 19 is a 1994 Freightliner FL70 with an 18-foot box. This unit carries Hurst eDraulic Extrication tools "Jaws of Life", rope rescue, and water rescue equipment. This truck is also equipped with basic medical supplies and an Automated External Defibrillator. Rescue 19 responds to all rescue calls and motor vehicle accidents within our response area and at the request of neighboring departments.
Brush 197
1975 AMG 5 ton
194 holds 1250 gallons of water and is equipped with a bumper mounted monitor and two side nozzles, all controlled from inside the cab. 194 also carries numerous hand tools.
Brush 196
1968 Dodge Power Wagon
Manufacturer: Howe Fire Apparatus. Anderson, Indiana (Howe serial #12531)

1967 Dodge Truck W-300 Power Wagon 4X4 (Serial #2381828119)
Howe Model ? HTP Deluxe
318ci V-8
5 speed manual transmission
Waterous Pump Model CPK-2 / Rating: 300gpm @ 150psi (Serial #33004)
300 gallon poly tank
8000lb. PTO winch

On June 10, 1967, John V. Chaney, President, signed the purchase order for what would become "196". The truck was purchased from Helms Brothers Motor Company at 804 Charlotte Avenue in Monroe, N.C. The total purchase price was $3,797.54. We paid an extra $45.00 for the Anti-spin differential but saved $6.40 by leaving off the armrest. After completion by Dodge, the truck was sent to Anderson, Indiana to the Howe Fire Apparatus Company to await final specifications. On November 1, 1967, the contract was signed with Howe and construction began to transform the Power Wagon into a fire truck. For Howe's part of the project, they would receive $7,786.00 if the truck was delivered within 100 to 110 days. The truck finally arrived for service at a grand total of $11,583.54. Unit 196 has seen nearly forty years of service with Bakers. She was first out Engine in the early days and could be seen responding down the road with firemen standing on the tailboard awaiting arrival. Over the years she made many transitions to fit the needs of the community. 196 was the first apparatus able to effectively foam the runway at our local airport. She ran house fires and car wrecks and everything in between. Eventually, she had to step aside as the modern pumpers were able to do the job better and carry firemen in a safer manner. With most tasks covered by other apparatus, 196 would become strictly a brush unit. The task was dirty and muddy but she answered the call and performed well. She outweighed most brush units by a few thousand pounds and was not a stranger to being stuck in the mud when operated by those who didn't care for her. For those operators that knew her limitations, she was a serious contender to be the best brush unit ever. She has winched out nearly every brush truck in our area and several engines and tankers. Once at a large woods fire near what is now Suburban Estates, the local forest ranger kept sending 196 orders for the fire attack. While moving through the area we noticed several other units motionless with flats or broken down or just plain old stuck. As 196 jumped out of the woods we saw our Ranger David Steel in the roadway. David looked at the truck and said "man that thing is a sled; I can?t believe you guys ain?t stuck?. After that fire 196 became known as "The Sled". A name she now wears proudly above her rear doors. After the purchase of a new brush unit in 2004, 196 will finally get some much-deserved rest. She is currently undergoing modifications to the engine, interior, and exterior. Her pump, tank, and plumbing were refurbished 6 years ago and are in excellent condition. We want to preserve this unit as a piece of our valuable history. Our intent is to use 196 for a public relations and public education tool. Although she wears a new coat of paint and many modern upgrades, she is still listed fully operable and able to respond to calls when needed.

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